Friday, December 23, 2005

Work at Home Job of the Day 12/23/05


Sales Director & Independent Sales Rep/ Edgy Rock Apparel Co.

Job ID# 21230

Edgy Rock Apparel Company is looking for an Independent Director of Sales and Independent Sales reps to work for our higher-end men’s & women’s Apparel company similar to Von Dutch. We’re looking for experienced, driven, independent sales reps to cover Manhattan and the surrounding area, and an experienced regional sales director to cover the East coast area.

We are looking for independent NY-based reps who have relationships and contacts with key young, contemporary boutiques.

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So get on wicher bad selves. *g*

And good luck in your search for work!

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Work at Home Job of the Day 12/20/05


Ooooo, one of those rare beasts the: Work From Home Administrative Assistant!

Administrative Assistant for Travel Publisher (laurel hts / presidio, CA)

Job ID #21211

SF-based travel guidebook publisher and philanthropist seeks an experienced Administrative and Personal Assistant. Proficiency in Filemaker Pro is an absolute requirement. The candidate must be well organized, and capable of assisting with executive tasks and projects, and travel planning. The position requires working approximately half-time in San Francisco office, half-time from your home. Quickbooks and/or graphic design experience are a plus. Salary DOE.

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Good luck in your search for work!

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Reasons why I don't want to commute


We received an email from a member in response to Sylvie's article Why Do You Telecommute? Comparing 6 Lousy and 6 Great Reasons for Working at Home.

We thought it gave some good reasons and was a great discussion starter.

We'd like to hear what you have to say!


This is D and I just wanted to share some personal thoughts with you on why I don't want to commute.

As I get older, I think about the many years I spent working and raising a family and taking care of the house.

We all know it is hard to be everything to everyone and that it is hard to be a mother, wife, homemaker, and work at the same time.

As we get older and look back on where we have been and try to look forward to where we are going, we try to decide what we would like to change.

I Don't want to commute

I don't want to worry about driving after dark or in the winter. I don't see that well in the dark. I don't like driving on ice. I live in a rural community and don't want to drive in or to the city or deal with the traffic. I don't want to put extra miles on my car and have to replace it every 4 years. Cars are too expensive. I don't want to have to pay out high fuel costs. It's not economically feasible, unless you have a high paying job or live close to work.

And Yes, these reasons are personal. But I have no desire to end up in a ditch on an icy road, have car trouble on a dark deserted road, pay $100.00/wk. for fuel, or buy a new car ever 4 years. I want to cut expenses, not create them.

I don't know if you consider these lousy reasons or not. But they make a great deal of sense to me. 1. Life, limb, and safety 2.economically feasible

I Don't want to buy a new wardrobe

I don't want the expense of "a wardrobe for work" I don't want to worry about a bad hair day, or makeup either for that matter. And I have reached the age when fashion and what everyone else is doing or wearing just doesn't interest me.

Once again personal and once again cutting expenses. But I doubt that the computer really cares what I look like.

I do want to work from home.
I do want a job I enjoy.
I do want flexibility.

I am looking forward to retirement in the next few years and don't want to
begin all over again at some corporation at my age.

I read your email on Great and Lousy Reasons for working from home. One of the lousy reasons was "I don't want to commute"

I would like your input on my reasons for why I don't want to commute.


Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Work at Home Job of the Day 12/13/05

Web Designer / Web Programmer / Web Developer

Job ID # 21176

Former co-founder of a website which operates only 4 months a year, and generates a quarter of a million dollars, is looking for a Web Designer/Web Developer/Programmer to launch a web site for a new start up e-commerce site.

Basic duties and skills would be:
Layout, designing, and putting together the site from scratch. Maintaining and producing all web graphics, banners, features, and promotional e-mails.

You must have knowledge of:

Adobe's Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign, QuarkXpress, Macromedia�s Dreamweaver, Fireworks, and Flash, ActionScript, HTML, and Microsoft Office. This will be a e-commerce site, so you must also be an E-Commerce Specialist and know order processing, credit check and shipping controls.

When you see the URL for the website mentioned, you'll know why this job was chosen as today's Work at Home Job of the Day. See if you can figure out why...and perhaps get yourself a job at the same time. *g*

Good luck in your search for work!

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