Monday, June 13, 2005

Work At Home Job of the Day 06/13/05

Job Search Tips And Tricks from researchers

Using the search term 'virtual' will not only bring up jobs that allow work to be done remotely as in these two:

- Work from home - Media/Advertising Sales Job ID 20636 {Virtual Office}
- Astronomy Subject Matter Expert Job ID 20637 {Job location is virtual to Philadelphia}

But will also hit on companies that describe themselves and their business model as virtual as in this one:

Tech PR Pros Wanted Job ID 20638

(Company), recently featured in the cover story of Incentive Magazine for its innovative employee recognition and incentives programs, is a unique virtual public relations agency servicing companies in B2B and B2C technology markets. (Company) offers a premiere work environment - with our virtual model, employees experience true quality of life while working as part of a nationwide team from their home offices.


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Good luck in your search for work!